Do you feel like your mind never stops thinking? Is it constantly on overdrive, flinging itself between worries and tasks to be done? Living in a world that’s switched on 24/7, being busy and stressed has become a daily norm. However, this leaves many people feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, which in turn can have detrimental affects on our health, happiness and well-being.


Mindfulness can help combat these overwhelming feelings, to bring a sense of calm and control back in to your life. By learning simple meditations, based on an awareness of your breath and body, you will learn how to immerse yourself in the present moment.


By regularly practicing mindfulness you can expect to:


· Reduce stress, anxiety and depression


· Improve quality of sleep


· Increase resilience


· Gain clarity and improve focus


· Improve your over all health and wellbeing


Mindfulness helps cultivate a deep sense of awareness of both mind, body and the world around you. Life inevitably has many ups and downs, just like waves in the sea but by learning mindfulness, we become better equipped to surf the waves, rather than be dragged down by them.

Wellbeing  £45 - 45mins

Wellbeing + Back Massage  £69 - 75mins

Available Thursday 1-7.30  & Friday 9.30-5.30pm

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