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Welcome to Waxu, the home of express, comfortable intimate waxing!


Savings of upto 20% when booking multiple waxing treatments


Waxu has been developed for women by women, and is the UK's first and leading express intimate wax! 

Waxu have spent years perfecting a superior wax for women which is thorough, time efficient (20 minutes or less) and now boasts to be the most comfortable wax on the market with their own perfected intimate waxing technique. We guarantee that by choosing Waxu, women will have the best intimate wax of their lives, promising incredible results with every, single visit! 

We understand how important it is for women to find the 'perfect wax', so our driven therapists are excited to deliver an exceptional, high performance intimate wax to all clients, leaving the skin super smooth and hair free for an extended period of time, ensuring Waxu to be your number 1 intimate waxing in Nottingham and UK wide! 


Waxu Signature Intimate Wax - £30

Removes all hair starting from the edge of your pant line right through to your inner and outer labia. All hair around your anus. Leaves an optional strip on your pubic mound a width and length of your choice. We don't charge extra for removing your strip as our signature wax is so thorough that it only takes us a second to remove it for you.

The Inbetweeni Bikini - £24

Removes hair starting from the outside of your pant line in towards your outer Labia. A larger sized strip is left on the top and hair is left in a thicker line right the way down to the anus. Anus hair can be removed in this wax if required. This Wax is particularly suited to some one wanting a thicker strip on top and hair leaving right the way through.

Modest Bikini - £19

Removes Hair from the pant line and a small way in leaving a fuller hair growth pattern on the top of the pubic area. Tidies hair around the inside of the legs. This wax is a more modest wax and would remove all hair growth that would stray out of a basic pant line.

Female Price List

Half leg - £19

Full leg - £28

Half arm- £15

Full arm - £20

Back - £17

Chest - £12

Buttocks - £20

Stomach - £15

Stomach trail line - £7

Under arm - £10

(All leg and arm waxing includes fingers and toes if requested)

Facial Waxing

Eyebrow - £10

Top Lip - £8

Chin - £8

Lip and Chin- £12

Sides of face - £10

Neck - £8

Full face - £25

Waxing Packages (Legs & Bikinis)

Full Leg and Waxu Signature Wax - £52 

(Hot wax Brazilian or Hollywood) saving £6 just by booking as a package

Half Leg and Waxu Signature Wax - £42

(Hot wax Brazilian or Hollywood) - Saving £7 when booking as a package 

Half leg and In-between Bikini - £38  Saving you £4 when booked as a package

Full leg and In-between Bikini - £47 Saving you £5 when booked as a package 

Top to Toe Waxing Packages

Full Monty - £90

Full leg, full arm, under arm, signature bikini wax, eyebrows, lip & chin - Saving 20%!

Male Price List

Eyebrow - £10

Chest - £22

Back - £22

(includes shoulder blending)

Full leg - £33

Half leg - £22

Full arm - £26

(includes shoulder blending)

Half arm - £21

(includes fingers and hands)


Buttocks - £20.00

Buttocks area only

Crack & Buttocks - £30.00

Crack area & Buttock cheeks 


Groin - £40.00

Pubic bone area & Scrotum 

Sack & Crack - £50.00

 Buttock cheeks, butt crack & scrotum


Brazilian - £60.00

Base of penis, scrotum, butt crack and buttock cheeks. Leaving hair on the pubic bone (a slight disconnect included/optional)


Hollywood - £60.00

All hair removed from the public bone area, base of penis, scrotum, butt crack and bottom cheeks. 

Please Note - Upfront Pre-Payment will need be taken at time of booking to secure bookings for male intimate waxing 


Students 10% discount Monday - Friday and 20% off every Tuesday, helping you get hair free for less!


Pre-Treatment and After Care Advice: Before hair removal treatments and for 12 hours after do not; have a hot bath, hot shower, sauna or jacuzzi. Do not exercise. Do not apply moisturising creams, sunbathe or use a sunbed. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing, such as tights.

***No discounts to be redeemed against waxing packages as a minimum of at least 10% has already been applied.

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