Signature Body Massage Nottingham

Pinks Boutique is a brand new, Certified Organic award winning range who believe that there is nothing more beautiful or effective than nature. That is why their products are hand blended in England, using the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients sourced from around the world, accredited by Soil Association. Working with fresh ingredients such as wild mint, rose petals, citrus fruits and more, their treatments appeal to all of the senses, with a total mind and body experience with all treatments. 

With the motto 'you are what you eat and absorb', Pinks Boutique are the only organic beauty company to have a complete professional range of manicures, pedicures, facials and body treatments and products. Proudly, as the only salon in Nottingham to work with Pinks Boutique, we can guarantee an unforgettable and luxurious experience like no other! 

*All of our Body Massages are also available for our double bed, twin treatment room! Perfect for those wanting to share an indulgent experience with a loved one or friend. 


Soul Sensation 

This super indulgent treatment begins with a tea ritual, foot bath, fully body exfoliation and Power Massage. A complete mind and body encounter that will take you on a journey of the senses. 

Once your taste buds have been awakened with our welcome tea, let your feet be soothed and pampered in a organic crystal soak foot bath and scrub. You'll then enjoy the delights of our organic, sugar or salt based full body scrub, before being cocooned in soothing, hot towels. Our powerful full body massage will relax your muscles whilst rich, organic apricot and jojoba products leave your skin silky smooth and nourished with our rich fatty acid oils. A complete mind and body encounter that takes you on a journey of the senses, where you even get your back massaged twice!! 

120 mins- £95 


Power Massage- Finalist for Good Spa Guide 'Most Marvellous Massage'

This Thai, Indonesian influence super luxury massage will relax your muscles, balance your being and cleanse your body and soul. First, your feet are cleansed, exfoliated and soothed. Then, using pressure points and meridian energy channels, your therapist will perform a full body massage combining Eastern and Western techniques. Choose the 90 minute treatment and your back is even massaged twice!!

Your therapist will choose you the perfect organic, aromatherapy treatment blend from the list below:

Our Body System Blends:

- Escape: Sweet Orange, Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. 

- Detox: Lemongrass and Mandarin.

- Invigorate: Wild Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Lavender. 

- Relax: Organic Rose and Rose Geranium. 

90 mins- £75 Relax foot ritual, full body massage and back twice

60 mins- £60 Full Body massage

30 mins- £32 Back, neck and shoulder massage

Back and Beyond 

A smoothing and detoxifying full back exfoliation using Pinks Boutique luxurious organic sugar, salt, or crushed rosehip kernel scrub followed by relaxing, hot towels and a deep and powerful back massage. Perfect for easing away tension, leaving your skin feeling renewed and your body invigorated.

45 mins- £45

Body Delight 

Enjoy your SLOW exfoliation with our organic, sugar, salt or crushed rosehip kernel based body scrub, infused with organic essential oils, followed by hot towels to soothe your body and tantalize your skin. Then you are enveloped in deeply hydrating Shea Butter body balm selected to match your body system. (As shown above). It's perfect as a pre-holiday preparation, to ensure a good tan. 

45 mins- £35 

Beautification City Spa & Beauty Salon, 3 Clarendon Street, Nottingham, NG1 5HS