Pinks Boutique is a Certified Organic award winning range who believe that there is nothing more beautiful or effective than nature. That is why their products are hand blended in England, using the highest quality of natural and organic ingredients sourced from around the world, accredited by Soil Association. Working with fresh ingredients such as wild mint, rose petals, citrus fruits and more, their treatments appeal to all of the senses.

* All of our pedicures are finished with either a 7 Day Nail Polish or Gel Polish *

7 Day Nail Polish- Fast drying, week long wear polish which gives a brilliant shine. Remove this polish at home with nail polish remover. 7 day polish usually lasts around 3 weeks on toes. 

Gel Polish- Non chip, high gloss polish that lasts up to 8 weeks on toes.The Gel Polish dries immediately, ensuring a perfect finish. Easily removed with acetone when soaked or wrapped, with no damage to the natural nail. 


Signature Himalayan Pedicure

The Signature Himalayan Pedicure is performed in one of our luxurious private treatment rooms, perfect for those seeking sanctuary for that much needed alone time or alternatively to share the sensual experience in our twin treatment room. 

The journey begins as the Indonesian would, with a hand picked organic tea and a welcome elixir mist. Followed by hot towels to the feet, they are placed in a large soaking bowl with fresh mint leaves and showered with Himalayan mineral crystals, sustainable mined and 100% natural. Meanwhile, an exfoliation from your toes to the knees promises softer skin, which additionally works with our hard skin callus removal, ideal for dry heels. 

We always treat the 'top and tail' and whilst this is happening the head is massaged. When all the wet work is complete, the client is transferred to the couch and is grounded with a journey trail around the body. The nail file and detailed cuticle work is carried out and leads into a reflex influenced stick foot massage with the signature massage. To end, the feet are coated in our super hydrating balm, perfect for dry heels and made an organic tea to complete the journey.  

Choose your treatment finish from below.

1 hour 20 mins - 7 Day Nail Polish - £57

1 hour 30 mins - Gel Polish- £60

Eco Chic Organic Pedicure

Indulge in the special touches of the Signature Himalayan pedicure whilst your feet are treated with the revitalising aromas of peppermint, lavender and geranium. This super callus removal pedi will shower the feet with a rich lavender plant based mist which works deep to erase and remove the tough callus and stubborn hard skin. Your feet will feel hydrated and smooth. Also Includes our wild mint foot soak,  dead sea salt exfoliation and foot massage. Your feet will be left feeling invigorated, refreshed and smooth to the touch.

Choose your treatment finish from below.

40 mins - 7 Day Nail Polish- £38

55 mins - Gel Polish- £41



Organic Maintenance Pedicure

Hot mitt welcome, mint leaf soak and exfoliation, cuticle work and file. 

Experience a taste of luxury with our mint infused foot bowl, promising to exhilarate and refresh tired, aching feet. The combination of our exfoliation scrub of dead sea salt, organic jojoba oil, organic apricot oil and a Himalayan blend additionally works together to remineralise and remove dry, hard skin, whilst softening and balancing the skins pH. 

Choose your treatment finish from below. 

30 mins - 7 Day Nail Polish- £32

40 mins - Gel Polish- £35


Toe Tidy

When time is short- Hot crystal mitt welcome, cuticle work and file. 

This pedicure is perfect for when your time is precious. With the crystal hot mitt welcome, your senses will still enjoy the aroma of organic lavender, tea tree and wild peppermint, whilst your feet will feel refreshed, cleansed and look tidy. 

Choose your treatment finish from below.

20 mins - 7 Day Nail Polish- £24 

30 mins - Gel Polish- £29 


Gel Polish Removal

Removal from another salon- £10

Removal of our own gels with no re-application- £5

Removal of our own gels with re-application- Free of charge

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