Inch Loss Body Wrap

Introducing the new Universal Contour Wrap

The worlds only scientifically proven inch-loss wrap with a guaranteed loss of at least 6" in just two hours.

A unique blend of mineral rich clay and specialist body wrapping techniques help cleanse and detoxify your body while actively compressing the soft fatty tissues, to create instant and lasting inch loss. With an average loss of between 10-14 inches from just one treatment and an inch loss guarantee of 30 days you continue to benefit from this treatment long after leaving the salon.

This is also an ideal treatment for anybody wanting to significantly detoxify the whole body as the mineral rich solution uses the highest quality ingredients to draw out impurities and rid the body of harmful toxins leaving you feeling totally rejuvinated.

Full Body Inch-Loss Wrap - £50

Course of 3 - £135

Once the warm clay soaked bandages are applied you can lie back and relax for the hour or why not indulge in our Eco Chic Organic 30 Min Facial for the additional discounted price of £20.00.

Beautification City Spa & Beauty Salon, 3 Clarendon Street, Nottingham, NG1 5HS