Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

The skin care secret of the stars

Share the celebrities' favourite skin care secret...

Ever wondered how those famous faces stay looking so young? Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion literally takes years off you by gently exfoliating the outer layers of skin.

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion treats a vast array of skin concerns, on both the face and body, using a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing.

The treatment provides immediate visible results for ageing skin, lines & wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars, acne scars, stretch marks and much, much more.

You'll see the difference even after just one treatment, however for more problematic skin concerns a course may be recommended. With regular treatments, the skin increases its collagen and elastin formation, to give you a naturally firmer and more rejuvenated look. What's more, the gentle vacuum action gives the facial muscles a mini 'workout' each time, providing an immediate lifting effect and an ongoing improvement in tone.
Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion - the skin care secret of the stars. Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion System is more technically advanced than other microdermabrasion machines on the market In independent clinical trials, Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion System was conclusively proven to dramatically and visibly improve the texture and appearance of the skin, reducing and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, producing a smoother, more rejuvenated skin.

Microdermabrasion 40 min facial

Includes microdermabrasion, corrective work and a power skin recovery mask. includes scalp massage


Add a luxury intensely hydrating lifting mask additional - £10


x3 40min Microdermabrasion treatments for £90

Microdermabrasion 60 min facial

Includes Microdermabrasion, corrective work and a power recovery mask. Includes a luxury tension release shoulder neck and scalp massage


Add a luxury intensely hydrating lifting mask additional - £10

Back Rejuvenation Treatment 30 min

Includes microdermabrasion detox mask and moisturise


Hands or feet

Inlude microdermabrasion in your manicure or pedicure. Remove stubborn hard skin in your pedicure or help with ageing by rejuvenating your hands

Additional £10 with your manicure or pedicure

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